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Bill McRoberts

Bill McRoberts


Professional Designations

CDFA: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst obtained after passing exams through The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.
CDFA since 7/19/1996

CFP: Certified Financial Planner obtained after passing exams through the College for Financial Planning.
CFP since 6/3/1983

EA: Enrolled Agent (Enrolled to practice before the IRS) obtained after passing test with Internal Revenue Service.
EA since 4/1/1992,,id=100710,00.html

ChFC: Chartered Financial Consultant obtained after passing exams through The American College.
ChFC since 10/5/1982

CLU: Chartered Life Underwriter obtained after passing exams through The American College.
CLU since 10/17/1978.


Here is a brief synopsis of my work experience here in Hawaii.

I arrived in Hawaii in 1970 right out of college after I completed my BA Chemistry with a minor in Math. During the 70’s I worked in the lending industry (Household Finance) and the life insurance industry. I dabbled in Real Estate as a licensed agent and also became licensed to sell securities. In the late 70’s I started doing income tax preparation through H&R block at the old Sears location Ala Moana Center. So the 70’s were basically a time of learning and putting in my time working in the various financial services industries.

Financial Planning came into vogue at the end of the 70’s and seemed a good way to “put it all together” for a client. I managed to get my CLU, CHFC, and CFP designations as well as my EA (Enrolled to practice before the IRS) by the mid 80’s. (Listed previously)

I have been a member of the Hawaii Estate Planning Council for what seems like forever and was one of the three “founding fathers” of the Hawaii Society for Certified Financial Planners. So I have been active in the local financial circles for over 30 years.

I have had my own financial planning practice since the early 80’s and experienced a number of my clients going through the divorce process with less than positive results from my vantage point as a financial advisor. After doing some investigation I decided to get involved in the divorce arena. I found that there is a nationally recognized designation dealing specifically with divorce and passed the tests to become a CDFA or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Since delving into the divorce arena I have had occasion to act as an expert witness as well as mediating divorce cases. In addition to assisting in the structuring of settlements I have had an opportunity to provide specific assistance including small business valuation, defined benefit present value calculation, and income and estate tax issues.

I started working as an expert witness in divorce cases in 1996. The scope of my work includes,

  1. Support/alimony determination/calculation
  2. Asset valuation and asset division
  3. Income tax outcomes and planning
  4. Pension valuation for both defined benefit and defined contribution plans
  5. Small business valuation
  6. Real Estate cash flow analysis
  7. Life Insurance and Annuity valuations
  8. Passive income analysis
  9. Debt strategies include consolidation and refinancing options
  10. Settlement strategies including the use of property settlement notes and asset reallocation options
  11. Assistance with Income and Expense report and Asset and Debt report preparation

I have been hired over the years by couples as well as individuals who come to an agreement and then are able to file uncontested. In addition I am frequently hired by individuals or law firms to target specific financial issues incident to a divorce. In most incidences a settlement has been worked out without a trial, however I have had the occasion to provide testimony as an expert in the Hawaii Family Courts.

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