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Here is a Gift for You!

Creating the Life You Would Love to Live One Great Year at a Time. 

The Great Year Exercise: 

Get out a sheet of paper and write a date one year from now (01/01/2020 for example). Now simply imagine that a year has passed and looking back, you note that it has been a great year, possibly the best year ever. Your thoughts will naturally turn to "what made it a great year?" and start writing down whatever pops into your head. When I did this, I had thoughts about my health, family, friends, business, home, and so on. There are no rules other than write down what pops up without judging whether it is important or not. I filled up a page and a half, and have been adding to it when a thought shows up with another item that would make it a great year. 

At first I thought it was a one year exercise, and now I understand that it is not static. It is fun to keep the date that you first start and then date the additions to make it an even better year. 

As Neville Goddard writes in "Feeling is the Secret", having a positive view of your future that you can get excited about generates real world results. What a concept!