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How to create a positive vision of your future

How to create a positive vision of your future

| February 27, 2019

It starts with a simple exercise that anyone can easily do. Preferably open a journal and at the top of the page write a date one year from now. Under that date write "It has been a great year, possibly my best year ever.” Now let your imagination go to work and write in your journal all of the things that would make the year a great one! When you are done reading what you wrote, and if it fits, write "Wow! That would be a great year!" If your experience is anything like mine you will get "chicken skin" as you imagine the year unfolding the way you just imagined it!

My experience back on 8/7/2018 happened just like that. I imagined my great year and I got the chicken skin. Then the light came on. I had just created a positive vision of my future, and most important, I experienced the emotional component to go with it. Many of you have read about the law of attraction and the connection between what we humans vibrate into the universe and what is returned to us as our experience of our world.

Now for the next piece. This is not a static exercise where you write it and forget it. This is dynamic and it is why you use a journal. Two days after my initial "great year" exercise I was reading it again and feeling just as positive. It then occurred to me that I could add an item that would make it an even better year. Today there are 13 pages of additions and many results to share from others that have done this and some of my own results